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Sample PlanSet - All PlanSets are CAD drafted and include detailed dimensioned drawings of cut patterns, construction and assembly details. The plans will walk the builder through the construction of a scratch built dollhouse. All houses are designed using 3/16, 1/2, and 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood. A GREAT project for hobby, woodworking, and miniature enthusiasts.
Power tools not only make some jobs quicker and easier but they can produce a better finished project. Some tools that will be helpful include:
Jig Saw (use downward cutting blade) may be the most versitile power saw, though circular, band, table and spiral saws, can and should be used if available.
3/8 Variable Speed Reversable drill (VSR) for predrilling screw holes and then driving the screws

Hand Tools:
Framing and/or combination square.
Clamps - about any type of clamp can be used. A couple 1/2 inch pipe clamps and a set of Assembly Square clamps are especially useful.
Straight-edge - a steel ruler or level can be used for marking and cutting some panel pieces.
Utility knife and new blades.

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