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Country Cottage 25H x 26W x 21D
A PlanSet for the builder with some experience!

Features- The Country Cottage is an open-back, 4 room design that is ideal for the beginning builder. Large rooms with high ceilings make construction and decorating easier. The stairs have been omitted to further simplify building and enlarge the room area. Imagine this dollhouse in brick, or stone or even clapboard.

PlanSet - The 12 PDF pages are CAD drafted and include detail sheet panel layout, construction and assembly steps.

Experience - a project using 3/4, 1/2, and 3/16 (5mm) cabinet grade plywood, both cut and formed dadoes; for the beginning builder.

You will also receive the BonusPac with tips and tricks, window/door drawings, chimney plans and more. Fun to build plans from DollHouseDesigns.COM

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