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Old Store 29H x 22W x 19D
A simple PlanSet for the beginning scratch builder!

Features - The Old Store was designed with the beginning scratch builder in mind and in response to customers that wanted more details, descriptions and explanations. A great project for the beginning scratch builder. Fully detailed, step-by-step directions from selecting options and lumber to laying out the pieces on a sheet of 3/16 (5mm) plypanel to cutting and assembly. Simple! Fun! Fullfilling!

PlanSet - The 17 PDF pages are CAD drafted - includes cut patterns, construction and assembly details, stair construction drawings, sheet panel layout, and are color enhanced.

Experience - Though it is designed for the beginner, it is a versitale project for the experienced scratch builder. Fully detailed plans that can easily be modified for a variety miniature buildings. Using the same construction techniques, reducing to 1/24 scale is simple. This project uses 3/4, 1/2, and 3/16 cabinet grade plywood and both cut and formed dadoes.

You will also receive the BonusPac with tips and tricks, window/door drawings, chimney plans and more. Fun to build plans from DollHouseDesigns.COM

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